What is the best platform to use for video marketing?

Video marketing has become a most important of part of marketing strategy for brands. If you are not doing video marketing and still it is not added to your brand marketing strategy then it probably should be considered now. As per the studies almost 50% of today’s online search engine queries are for any product or services are related to video only.

If you remember, there was a time when MTV channel has arrived then it has completely changed the shape of music industry and after that video became essential for music industry. As there is a saying that “History repeats itself” we can see that video has become once again an essential part. This time it is for the social media marketers and that has an also give a good working opportunity to social media influencers.

As per the studies mobile video will make up 75% of global traffic. For your better understanding below we will list down some social media platforms for video marketing.

1- YouTube
YouTube is one of the top platforms for video marketing or any video content. YouTube does not need any intro or information why it is one of the video biggest platform. A huge number of videos are being watched on a daily basis on YouTube and no one can forget the stars that are made out from YouTube only examples: Justin Bieber, PSY and many more.

YouTube is so much popular that people even forget that it’s a social media platform. People gets connected to it and can connect with each other, share their ideas and many more. People even don’t know that it’s world’s second largest search engine after its parent company Google, with this statement only you can relate how big platform is the YouTube and how much you can gain by doing video marketing for your brand on YouTube.

2- Snapchat
Snapchat is gradually increasing at a very good growth rate and is becoming very popular among young generation. Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee) says Snapchat is the https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/marketing-in-the-year-2016/next big social network for marketing. It’s wise to listen to Gary.

Perks of using Snapchat
Young user base. As per the studies 60% of Americans aged 13-35 use the app. Brands targeting them have the perfect venue.

It gains more attention of the user as when any user opens your snap it covers whole screen of the mobile phone which make user to watch only your brand and their attention is not divided.

It’s not only the young user base Snapchat also has the older user base and has been increasing.

YouTube videos will not work here as Snapchat runs only 10 seconds video so you have to plan your video content production accordingly. You have to give your best shot in that 10 seconds only that user gets attached to your brands and get converted into sales on your store.

3- Vimeo
Vimeo is one of the best video marketing platform for the small business owners or that ones that have their limited budget. Vimeo offers plenty of feature to its users like many video editing options in their free basic plan only. User can also check some basic analytics on Vimeo that is one of the best features for every business owner who is new in the video marketing industry.

The interface of Vimeo is so user friendly that it become very easy to use, create and edit videos. User can directly share the video on various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Online advertising impacts to kids during the pandemic

During the course of the pandemic, much of the conversation has been about the impact that it has had on businesses and their employees. We all tend to forget that kids, including young students, have also had a lot to deal with, especially since many have not been able to leave their home and go to school. While not having the disposable income of adults, kids are a growing audience many advertisers cannot afford to ignore because it is an opportunity to reach a new group of potential and future customers. Also, kids can talk their parents into buying them something that they have seen and want. Here are a few ways that online advertising has impacted kids during the pandemic.
Students staying home While some schools have just begun to re-open, many kids are still stuck at home taking online classes. After-school activities have been closed down for over a year and will remain so for a few more months. The result of all this is that kids are spending more time at home and going through bouts of boredom. In order to stay stimulated, kids are watching more TV and playing more video games. This behavior benefits certain industries.

Increased screen time Many parents were strict about how much time kids spend online or in front of a screen, but with so many activities shut down for now, parents are being forced to increase the screen time kids have access to. That means that they are seeing a lot more ads, which they might well talk to their parents about if they see something they like or want. Parents may feel forced to make those purchases to help keep their kids happy since better alternatives might not be available due to the lock down.

Using more online tools With limited ability to hang out physically and offline, kids are adapted to communicate and socialize with friends using online social media and virtual meetings. Young people have always been active on social media, but the pandemic introduced them to many new tools, such as Zoom for online learning and other apps that they might otherwise never have used. This means that the trend for online communication will continue and kids could well end up being long-term users and trend setters for the rest of us.

More media consumption One place where young people are spending a whole lot more time is on sites like YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and many other video sites and apps. If you have spent any amount of time on those sites, you know that there are a lot of ads shown on a regular basis. More site traffic means more ad impressions. This is a great opportunity for advertisers and marketers to do more ad serving to reach more people. For example, video game makers would do well on Twitch, where a lot of users go to watch other people playing video games.

Vulnerable to persuasion As much as this is a new opportunity for advertisers to get in front of a lot of eyes, they also need to be aware that kids and young adults are very open minded and thus easily influenced. All ad vendors including publishers, advertisers, agencies, networks, exchanges, data brokers, ad servers have an ethical responsibility to ensure that they are not using practices and tactics that might be considered somehow sneaky or underhanded. There needs to be a certain level of self-regulation among ad vendors to ensure that kids are not used or tricked solely to add sales or make money unethically.

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12 Decisive Pointers to Mind During Relocations!

You could be moving from Coimbatore to Jaipur in a few months but you are not aware of everything that this major project would take. This being your first-ever move, you are simply clueless about a lot of things. You somehow managed to book a diligent packing crew – the packers and movers in Coimbatore but you are not much convinced about your decision.
If you are in a similar fix and could not decide how you should go with it strategically that it leaves you with no scope to regret your decisions later, you have to make some serious, mindful decisions. Some first-class pieces of advice would prove to be helpful for you and would make your move nothing less than a walk in the park!

Here is those moving advice that you can check out to streamline your journey from your old home to the new house.

When you are researching moving associates for your move…..

• Always ask the moving team about the goods they will not move, so you can either devise a way to tackle them in some other way or let them go. Goods that are not moved for security reasons should not be inquired about. No mover would agree to move questionable items like the ones that are risky (like inflammable, restricted, perishable, combustible, etc.)

• Give ample time to read about the movers, and the moving industry in general when you are on the lookout for a suitable moving company for your relocation. You will come across a lot of valuable information that will make you more aware of the things that happen in the industry and how you can conduct your move with the least amount of risk and damage.

• Discuss with the hired team of movers only how you can move well within your budget. The team will either help you with a solution or will give you a better-budgeted quote but you should also know that relocations are conducted at a certain price and that any kind of move is an expensive affair and that this is what is acceptable.

• If you are desperately looking to move on budget, try scheduling your move during off-seasons (like winters or springs) when the movers see a fair drop in their business and offer their customers a pocket-friendly rate for their move. Remember, if you come across a moving company that has unbelievably low rates, know that it could be a sign of a moving scam.

Value the time and timeline of the move and the movers….

• You may not always find a suitable moving slot to book with the movers because, at times, they can also remain packed. So, one should be mindful of the ideal time of the move. There are some seasons when the professionals do charge a lot and also, finding an appropriate slot with the professionals becomes a challenge. So keeping in mind all of that, you should go ahead and not waste time making futile efforts and useless research. • There is a drastic difference between the moving rates charged by the moving companies when they are booked in contrasting seasons (summers and winters). So, you should think through and plan for this well in advance. If someday, you do not get a suitable time and date with the movers upon reaching out to them, ask them for an immediate date when they shall be available. • Remember, when you are booking a mover only a few days before the move, the companies will charge you a lot. So, why get into all of that mess when you can efficiently work out the planning and preparation for your move over a long time. At the same time, some people force the movers to conduct the journey in comparatively less time, despite knowing the timeline required for the distance covered. This should strictly be avoided. • At the same time, you should value your time too. If you have decided to plan a move in a specific month, try to prepare for the move early. Everyone knows how extensive a moving project turns out to be and everything that is involved in the process, so rather than doing things hastily, devise a workable plan for your move at your end (even before you choose the movers) so you get into the house moving mode and process the upcoming things with ease.

Evaluating all the storage requisites assured by the chosen company…

• With moving one also has a fair amount of storage requirements and for that, they look around for companies and talk to people that can help them with suitable storage assistance. Some customers even book two individual companies – one that takes care of their home-shifting (packing) requirements and the other one of their storage needs but they fail to understand that getting these services from two companies would ultimately come out as a big expense. • Now comes the question – “what should be done?” – For storage services, it is advisable to not blindly go with a company that announces itself to be an authentic and professional storage service provider. Any random company that neither has the right kind of resources nor expertise in managing inventory should not be booked, no matter what. • Talk to your colleagues, friends, or your moving company that dedicatedly provides packing services but not storage. These professional organizations have generous ideas and information about the packing, moving and storage domain and their experts can provide you with first-hand tips and advice on what you should do to get your storage requirements resolved. • Remember, one wrong decision may end up in major jeopardy and you may end up losing the worthwhile belongings that you bought with years of hard work and toiled money. So, take your time and research amply about the same and do some calculations of the rates you will pay for the storage upkeep, packing, extended storage, etc.

Want More Leads and Sales? Stop Making This Common Website Mistake

New entrepreneurs have wonderfully enthusiastic energy about them; it’s an exhilarating time for sure. They’re ecstatic that their vision is coming to fruition, and thrilled to showcase the website they created.
Naturally, they want to tell the world about what they do and have big hopes and dreams for being inundated with leads that will keep them joyfully busy.

But then I come along and burst their bubble.

Well, sort of.

You see, some business owners already have a solid grasp of online marketing, while others don’t, and sometimes it’s necessary for me to share my wisdom on the finer details of how to create a successful website.

Some will gratefully appreciate the advice I provide on how they can best present their business to the world, while others feel they have a pretty good handle on the whole process and just want to hand over their marketing materials and have us take care of promoting their business.

In any case, typically, they anticipate being able to just sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

But if their website doesn’t appeal to potential customers, then that’s probably not going to happen.

So if you’re wondering how to build a successful website, then this article will give you a great place to start.

It explores one of the biggest mistakes business owners make while building their websites, and it’ll help you understand why website copy is so important to building an effective website, and why it needs to focus on potential customers, rather than your business.

I know it might sound strange, but just hear me out on this. Once you read through this article, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

When Building an Effective Website, You’ve Got to Focus on Your Customers As a web developer and online brand specialist, one of the biggest challenges I face is when clients insist on having everything done their way.

Understandably, they know their business and industry better than I do. But what they aren’t quite as well versed in is the psychology behind brand positioning and how they come across to potential clients.

So, what am I getting at here?

Well, more often than not, business websites tend to read like self-indulgent lists of achievements.

Sentences usually start with “I” or “We” and they’ll say something like, “We’ve been in business for more than 25 years, we’ve won these industry awards, we’re very capable in these areas,” and so on and so forth.

And what is the result? Typically, this is a huge turn-off for the reader.

Now, I know it’s a natural tendency for us to want to talk about ourselves and our offerings, and it is important to communicate these things clearly to potential customers.

But when your website focuses solely on your business and doesn’t put any focus on your customers, unfortunately, the message received by the reader goes more like this:

“Welcome to my website, I’m so excited you found it. Here’s all about me and my products and services. Please buy, I could use some sales here!”

As I always say, first impressions are one of the cornerstones of business success.

That being said, you don’t want your website to give this kind of an impression, do you?

I mean, how do you feel when you encounter websites like that?

Do you enjoy listening to someone go on and on about themselves? Probably not.

So, why would you expect others to come to your website only to hear you go on and on about how great you are?

Realistically, no matter how much you want to, you shouldn’t. And if you do have this expectation, you’re just setting yourself up for one huge disappointment.

Because let’s face it – no one is interested in you or your business until you’ve built up some credibility in their eyes.

And even if you are perceived as credible, the fact of the matter is, most people still won’t care about the accolades of your business.

What they are interested in, however, is if what you’re offering can take care of their needs, solve their problems, or make their life easier.

So, now that we’ve got the pep talk out of the way, let’s talk about how to actually put this into practice.

READ: 3 Ways to Make a Website for Your Target Market


Building an effective website requires a deep understanding of your target market. Without this knowledge, it’s going to be pretty much impossible to write compelling copy or come up with a design that’s going to appeal to your ideal customers.

So, if you want to know more about how to build a website that will appeal to your target market, ensuring you get more leads and sales, then this article is for you.

It discusses some of the best methods for building an effective website, including analyzing your target audience, empathy-based marketing, and keeping things as simple as possible.

Keep reading on our website.

Getting Inside the Heads of Your Customers Yes, the purpose of your website (usually) is to sell whatever it is you’re offering, but how you do the selling is what makes or breaks its effectiveness.

And regardless of whether you run a B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer) company, you still need to capture the interest of potential customers.

Some of the best ways of doing this include showing empathy toward them, letting them know that you understand their struggles and can relate to what they’re going through, and assuring them that what you’re offering can help them to alleviate those issues.

But in order to do this, you need to get inside the heads of your customers.

What I mean by that is you need to understand the psychology behind how they think and why they do what they do.

This means thinking about things like the mistakes they’re making that are causing their problems, the beliefs that influenced them to make those mistakes, and the consequences of those mistakes.

So, let’s go through this exercise using the owner of the hypothetical website we discussed above as an example.

First, we need to identify the mistake they’re making that’s ruining the effectiveness of their website, which would be making it all about them and their business, instead of focusing on potential customers.

Next, we need to identify the belief that caused them to make that mistake.

In this case, the belief would be something like, “If I don’t share my expertise on my website, and talk about how great my business is, then no one will believe I’m capable of helping them and they won’t be interested in what I’m offering.”

Then, we need to think about the consequences of this mistake, which include things like a high bounce rate, lower sales, fewer leads, and losing customers to the competition.

No matter what your offering is, you can apply this formula to your potential customers, and use it to make your website copy more appealing to that audience, and therefore, much more effective.

But remember, it has to focus on potential customers and their problems, not you or your business.

How can you do that?

Well, let’s assume, for example, you own a business that manufactures lawn mowers, and you’re certain you have a lawn mower that will make it faster and easier for people to cut their lawns.

In this case, instead of writing something like, “We make the best lawn mowers known to man,” and then proceeding to drone on and on about their features, it would be exponentially more effective to simply put the focus on potential customers.

For this example, the mistake the customer is making would be continuing to use their crappy old lawn mower, the consequences of that mistake would be spending more time mowing the lawn, and dealing with the annoyances of a typical lawn mower, and the belief that influenced them to make that mistake is that they don’t think there’s a better lawn mower out there or they can’t afford it if it exists.

Once you know these things, it’s going to be much easier to write compelling copy that appeals to potential customers and puts the focus on them.

So, it would be way more effective to write something like this:

“Are you tired of spending hours mowing the lawn?

“Is your lawn mower always getting clogged up with grass clippings?

“We’ve designed a machine that allows you to mow your lawn in half the time, without any of the annoyance while making it affordable too.”

See what I did there? All of the focus is being put on potential customers, and it discusses the mistakes they’ve been making, and the consequences of those mistakes.

The copy addresses their annoyances and their struggles, and even when I started to talk about the product, it’s all about what they can do with that product, and what it’s going to do for them.

Cutting Through the Noise Now that we’ve talked about how to get into your customers’ heads, I think it’s just as important to discuss how to write copy that makes things clear and concise, and tells them exactly what they need to know about what you’re offering.

“Nobody remembers a company that makes noise,” said Donald Miller in Building a StoryBrand.

“In every line of copy we write, we’re either serving the customer’s story or descending into confusion; we’re either making music or making noise.”

His book hammers home how important it is to ensure that not only is your copy focusing on potential customers, but also that it’s succinct, easy to understand, and contains all the information they need to know about your product and what it can do for them.

According to Miller, within five seconds of looking at your copy, potential customers should know:

What you’re offering How it’ll make their life better What they have to do to buy it So, whatever it is you’re selling, you’ve got to make sure your copy is short and sweet, easily intelligible, and clearly explains all the points above.

Be the Guide, Not the Hero Building a StoryBrand also explains the tenets of effective marketing by comparing it to great storytelling.

Miller’s book points out that nearly all great stories, whether they’re in the form of a film, novel, or otherwise, tend to follow a similar formula.

There’s more to it than this, but the gist of it is that all great stories feature a hero who has a problem and then finds a guide who has a plan to help them overcome that problem and achieve success.

In the context of building an effective website, that means putting your customer in the spotlight by positioning them as the hero, keeping yourself out of the limelight by positioning your business as the guide, and appealing to the hero by letting them know you can help them solve their problem.

So, when it comes to writing text for your website, stop thinking it’s about you, because it’s not.

It’s about your ideal client, what they’re going through, and what they need to hear from you in order to convince them you are the right choice.

Once you’ve mastered that, you’re good as gold!

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, or maybe writing’s just not your forte, you can always hire a copywriter to do it for you.

In any case, if you follow this formula by getting into your customers’ heads, positioning them as the hero, your business as the guide, and putting the focus on potential customers instead of your business, it’s bound to make a big difference in terms of the success of your website!

Have you taken a close look at your website lately to see how it’s written? When looking at it from this perspective, what did you discover?

Does writing your own website copy seem like a daunting task? Would you rather trust this sort of thing to a professional? Our seasoned copywriters will make sure your website copy is clear, compelling, and appealing to your ideal customers. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.